Pasaules Luterāņu Federācijas ģenerālsekretāra Mārtiņa Junges aicinājums - Reformācijas svētkos

Geneva, 24 October 2016

Re.: Last details Joint Commemoration

Respected church leaders, dear sisters and brothers,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I write this email to you a week ahead of the Joint Catholic - Lutheran Commemoration of the Reformation to take place in Lund and Malmoe (Sweden) on October 31. We are encouraged to receive news of so many places where preparations are being made to follow the live-stream of the commemoration. Please note that on the night from the 291h to the 30th of October the clocks in Sweden will be set back by one hour. Check whether your plans have duly taken this detail into account. A very easy way to do this is using the following web-based server . Insert the date, your place and "Lund/Swedenn and you will know your local time. Please remember, the common prayer starts at 14:30 in Lund (CET). I want to also encourage you to visit the website for the Joint Commemoration which has been prepared for the live-streaming of the joint commemoration. You can also download graphic materials (posters) if you want to use them locally. Please help us to distribute this information within your church, particularly in those places of which you are aware that live-streaming is being prepared. We pray for God's presence during the joint commemoration so that Catholics and Lutherans find strength and inspiration to walk the journey from conflict to communion.

Martin Jung, General Secretary

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